Who said or didn’t say what? A little tiff between the AFT and Steven Brill

Disagreement exists over New York Times Magazine story quote

Steven Brill’s New York Times Magazine piece entitled “The Teachers Unions’ Last Stand,” is creating a rift, naturally, between Brill and the American Federation of Teachers leader Randi Weingarten.

The AFT issued a “talking points,” memo noting that the article unfairly labels teachers as “bad,” and “caricatures contract negotiations as an exercise in which administrators prevail upon unions to concede to enlightened reforms and unions doggedly resist.”

The memo also noted that Brill made up a quote and falsely attributed it to Weingarten, according to Eduwonk.

Brill, for his part, responded, and denied it. No tape recording exists of this interview, so anyone who wants to dig through it all will just have to read the memos or allow the larger debate on education reform to continue to unfold.

— Liz Willen

POSTED BY ON May 25, 2010