Community colleges

How to boost college graduation rates for black and Latino males

While black and Latino men attending community college have some of the highest educational goals of any racial or gender group, they are also the least likely to achieve them. That’s one of several findings included in a new report from the Center for Community College Student Engagement, which suggests that black and Latino men […]

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Can we please change the conversation about college admissions?

If you’re spending any time in the company of ambitious high-school seniors or hyper-competitive parents these days, you may be reading Facebook posts with status updates proclaiming acceptances at prestigious colleges: “Dartmouth! Duke! Vassar! Swag! I’m three for three!” You may not read about rejections, but you will certainly hear plenty about them, along with […]


What does the future hold for college costs and enrollment?

As the new semester gets under way at many colleges and universities, Hechinger’s Jon Marcus speaks with Here & Now host Robin Young about trends in cost and enrollment, and market forces coming to bear in the decision-making process.

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Clock ticks down on billions in tuition tax credits

Among the many tax breaks waiting for Congress to rescue or let tumble off the fiscal cliff is more than $18 billion in savings for families who pay college and university tuition. The American Opportunity Tax Credit expires on December 31st, and, with it, financial relief averaging $1,545 per recipient who pays for college. Compounding […]

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Survey: U.S. higher education must change to remain globally competitive

Nearly half of all Americans have a dim view of the quality of U.S. higher education, and most think it’s not only too expensive but also only a fair or poor return on their investment, according to the results of a new survey. Most of those surveyed—particularly college-aged Americans themselves—agree that U.S. higher education must change […]


America’s math problem: Should we get rid of algebra?

Is math holding the United States back? Last week, a community-college student from Harlem, speaking at a meeting of educators and community activists, told a harrowing story about his battle to get a degree. Raised by a single mother in a neighborhood wracked by violence, he had struggled to make it through high school. Then […]


Radio interview: Funding community colleges based on their success

With the debate continuing about matching graduates’ skills with workforce needs, Hechinger contributing editor Jon Marcus speaks on the Callie Crossley Show on WGBH, Boston, about a proposal in Massachusetts to fund community colleges based on their success in training students for jobs in growing industries. Long-neglected community colleges are being pressed to do more […]

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Oklahoma considers dropping high-school exit exams

Oklahoma’s landmark 2005 legislation, which mandated that all high-school students pass exams to be eligible for graduation, may be killed off before it even takes effect. The law, Achieving Classroom Excellence, requires seniors to pass sophomore-level tests in English, algebra and two other subjects—biology, algebra II, geometry, U.S. history or junior-level English—starting with the Class […]


Tuition soars as Obama cuts student-loan payments

President Barack Obama’s announcement this week that he will reduce student-loan payments comes as Americans are approaching one trillion dollars in student-loan debt and the number of people defaulting on their college loans is steadily rising. The College Board reported yesterday that higher-education costs, including for public universities, are at an all-time high. But while the  “Pay as You Earn” plan will make […]

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President Obama announces waiver plan for NCLB

President Barack Obama announced sweeping changes today that will allow states to apply for waivers from current requirements under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. As the deadline approaches for all students to be proficient in reading and math — by the year 2014 — the waivers will give states more control over how […]