College tuition getting more expensive for those who can afford it the least

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Click to try out the Tuition Tracker.

As universities and colleges increase their tuition, a larger share of it is falling on the lowest-income students and their families.

Those are among the findings of an investigation by The Hechinger Report, the Dallas Morning News, and the Education Writers Association, which used federal data to show that lower-income and working-class students at private colleges and universities have seen the amount they pay, after grants and scholarships, increase faster than the amount their middle- and upper-income classmates pay.

Then again, as costs rise, even people in higher income brackets may have trouble paying. It’s a complicated topic that was the subject of this segment on the National Public Radio program Here & Now, with The Hechinger Report’s higher-education editor, Jon Marcus.

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POSTED BY ON March 10, 2014