Recess round-up: June 23, 2010

A daily dose of education news around the nation – just in time for a little mid-day break!

Research: Digital literacy

“A new white paper addressing recent calls for technology literacy education argues any such education should involve project-based learning, while a separate new report indicates the need for such education may soon increase.” (EdWeek)

Teaching: A school leader without a high school diploma

Karen Lewis, president-elect of the Chicago Teachers Union, blames Mayor Daley for the disastrous state of Chicago schools.  (Chicago Sun-Times)

Funding: $27m lift for city’s schools

Boston charities bolster efforts to accelerate student achievement across the city, from “cradle to career.’’ (Boston Globe)

Stimulus: In Kentucky, there’s funding for summer jobs

About $46 million in federal stimulus money has come to Kentucky — including $6 million to Louisville — to create a summer jobs program for disadvantaged young people and adults with children. (Courier Journal)

Research: New evidence of racial bias on SAT?

“A new study may revive arguments that the average test scores of black students trail those of white students not just because of economic disadvantages, but because some parts of the test result in differential scores by race for students of equal academic prowess.” (Inside Higher Ed)

Policy: Desegregation of public schools

Gerald W. Heaney, a Midwestern federal appeals court judge who played a central role in major school desegregation cases and championed the rights of the accused, died Tuesday in Duluth, Minn. He was 92. (The New York Times)

High schools: NYC, Chicago and Boston take a look at online “credit recovery” options

For cities and states looking to increase their high school graduation rates, “credit recovery” is a strategy gaining steam; this article, published on Monday, looks at different ways students can make up missing credits and failed classes. (EdWeek)

Susan Sawyers