Recess round-up: July 23, 2010

A daily dose of education news around the nation – just in time for a little mid-day break!

Education entrepreneurship: University of Pennsylvania’s Dough Lynch wants to “create one of the nation’s only business incubators dedicated to education entrepreneurs.” (Associated Press)

Student pass rates: Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott defended a formula that lets schools count students who fail the state’s standardized test as having passed “if the projection measure shows they are likely to pass in a future year.” (Dallas Morning News)

College completion: The College Board released a new report with 10 policy recommendations to achieve a goal of having 55 percent of Americans aged 25-34 with postsecondary degrees by 2025. (

But in a new survey, only 63.5 percent of Americans “said a college education is still a good financial investment for young adults given rising costs,” down from about 79 percent last year. (Wall Street Journal)

Teacher evaluations: The Virginia Department of Education is looking at how the state’s teachers are evaluated and considering a move to tie teacher compensation to student performance. (

What can you get with $100? In New Jersey’s Hillsborough school district, that might soon be the price tag to participate in a high school extracurricular activity. (

Or, in some teachers’ unions, that’s how much is spent per member on political campaigns. (Education Next)

Sarah Butrymowicz