Recess round-up: August 4, 2010

A daily dose of education news around the nation – just in time for a little mid-day break!

Class size: Forty-five students in a fifth-grade class in Lodi, Calif. But in Central Florida, core classes in grades 4-8 are capped at 22. (Lodi News-Sentinel and Central Florida News 13)

For-profit colleges: A government probe of 15 for-profit colleges found four cases in which campus officials encouraged applicants to commit fraud, and examples at every institution of school officials lying about or misrepresenting their programs. (USA Today)

Teacher tenure: A new Delaware law requires good ratings in addition to three years of teaching before tenure is granted. (Dover Post)

Online education: Virtual High School, or VHS, offers an online learning option for high school students in Columbia, Mo. (Columbia Tribune)

Teacher malpractice: An investigative panel has recommended that 109 principals, assistant principals, school-based testing coordinators and teachers face further scrutiny or sanctions after it found evidence of suspected cheating at 58 Atlanta public schools. However, some news-outlets have suggested that Atlanta’s public schools were largely vindicated by the investigation. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The New York Times)

Achievement gap: More than a third of pupils in the U.K. leave primary school without a proper grasp of the basics in reading, writing and mathematics. (Financial Times, free registration required)

Fly forward, give back: An airline partners with social media to raise funds for KIPP, the well-known charter-school network. Hurry, the promotion ends today! (prnewswire)