Recess round-up: August 26, 2010

A daily dose of education news around the nation – just in time for a little mid-day break!

Class size: Does it matter? Citing research and a November ballot measure in Florida that will seek to modify an existing law that limits class size,  Tamara Henry produced this story with The Hechinger Report for USA Today.

Extended school day: Fifteen public schools in Chicago are taking part in a pilot program that will lengthen the school day. (GOOD)

EdNews: Tune in tomorrow at noon for Alexander Russo’s “Month In Review,” a live half-hour audio discussion of education news. This month’s invited guests are Jay Matthews (Washington Post), Beth Shuster (Los Angeles Times), Greg Toppo (USA Today) and Dorie Turner (AP). Contact Russo with questions, comments or suggestions before or during the show:  by phone  (323) 417-6754, via email or @alexanderrusso on Twitter. (This Week in Education)

Higher Ed: As for-profit colleges face scrutiny from the federal government, Stephen Colbert introduces SCU, “We put the U in we make money off of you.” Colbert’s guest, Andrew Hacker, a professor emeritus at Queens College in New York, talks about how colleges are wasting our money and failing our kids. (The Atlantic)

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New Orleans schools: The New York Times reports that New Orleans will receive a $1.8-billion reimbursement for schools that were damaged or destroyed in the flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina. It’s been five years since the levees broke, and former-FEMA Director Michael Brown — who President Bush infamously commended for “doing a heckuva job” — returns to the scene. (The New York Times and Associated Press)

And for a look at research in action in New Orleans, see this piece on an Ed Week blog by Sarah Sparks.

School improvements: With a new state report card due on Friday, for Cleveland, a new school year means it’s transformation time. (The Plain Dealer)

Twitter: A good place to find out what’s up in the world of education is delivered by journalists via Muck Rack. All the news that’s fit to tweet. (Muck Rack)