Recess round-up: August 13, 2010

A daily dose of education-news around the nation – just in time for a little mid-day break!

Funding cliff: Some school officials in Illinois are skeptical of federal funding assistance. Even if money arrives, they say a one-time shot won’t help them keep staff. (The [Galesburg, Ill.] Register-Mail)

Charter schools: Tough going for a number of Chicago charters, half of which are running deficits. (Chicago News Cooperative via The New York Times)

Child development: Deciphering the teenage brain. (On The Brain via Harvard Medical School)

Education reform: Teacher quality as an imperative. (Slate via Financial Post)

And in Australia, where Parliamentary elections will take place on August 21, 2010, candidates propose taking money dedicated for disadvantaged schools to fund performance-bonus schemes and technology grants. (The Australian)

For-profit colleges: The U.S. Education department will release loan repayment rates for students at for-profit schools today, identifying institutions by name as part of an ongoing investigation into the for-profit college industry. (Reuters)

And when it comes to the recruiting practices of for-profit colleges, what regulations were in place? (Inside Higher Ed)

Jobs: There’s daily news about states’ decisions whether or not to accept one-time federal education funds after this week’s eduJobs bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama. The website has a tidy table with projected allocations. (Business Week)

Student health: The number of college students afflicted with serious mental illnesses is rising. (Los Angeles Times)