August 2012

Round-up of leading thinkers on parent-trigger laws

Parents in Adelanto, Calif., scored a victory for advocates of the “parent-trigger” law last week. The law allows public-school parents who gather signatures from a majority of their peers to transform a school into a charter. They can also opt to remove a consistently failing school’s staff or close the school entirely. (To read more […]


Ed in the Election: Biden at the AFT and Romney’s VP options

Vice President Joe Biden attacked Mitt Romney and other Republicans’ views on education Sunday in a speech to the country’s second largest teachers union. Addressing about 2,500 delegates from the American Federation of Teachers at the group’s national conference in Detroit, Biden spoke of Romney as someone who would make cuts to education in favor […]

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Can Twitter replace traditional professional development?

Twitter and Facebook might soon replace traditional professional development for teachers. Instead of enduring hours-long workshops a few times a year, teachers could reach out to peers on the Internet in real time for advice on things like planning a lesson (or salvaging a lesson that’s going wrong), overcoming classroom management problems, or helping students […]


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