September 2011

School districts’ views on the Common Core State Standards

Yesterday, the Center on Education Policy released survey results that detail the views of school districts on the Common Core State Standards in the states that have adopted them so far. The Common Core is a push to standardize K-12 learning expectations across the nation–a break from the long tradition of local control in American […]


More students defaulting on college loans

Another sign of America’s struggling economy revealed itself yesterday when the U.S. Department of Education released figures indicating that the percentage of people defaulting on college loans rose from 7.0 percent in 2008 to 8.8 percent in 2009. The for-profit sector of higher education–which has come under scrutiny for aggressive recruiting tactics in low-income areas–accounts […]


The American Jobs Act: Does it have the answers?

Mixed reactions are emerging to President Barack Obama’s education pledges in his introduction of the American Jobs Act last night, outlined further by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Friday afternoon. Duncan, currently on a tour of four cities, says he’s seen ballooning class sizes and major cuts to art programs and extracurricular activities. “To […]


Republican debate: Who said what about education?

Republican presidential candidates sparred over the economy, health care and immigration in last night’s debate at the Ronald Reagan Library. Like in the previous debate, only two candidates were questioned about education policy, and neither took the opportunity to say anything groundbreaking. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, when asked about the recent $5 million budget cuts  […]


Is technology in the classroom a bust?

The New York Times ran a front-page piece this past weekend on the fact that test scores don’t seem to be getting a boost from the billions being spent on new technology in the classroom. The education-policy world has been all over the story, with some knocking The Times and reporter Matt Richtel. Others are […]


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