May 2011

College: Worth it, or worthless?

Is a college degree worthless? An article this week in New York magazine poses this question, which has generated lots of commentary and controversy in recent years, what with The Atlantic’s anonymous professor tell-all and a series of books (including one whose findings we detailed here). New York magazine’s “The University Has No Clothes” is […]


How to get those civics scores up? Video games!

So the release of the 2010 NAEP scores on civics shows there’s lots of room for improvement. But how to get better? An outfit called iCivics — the brainchild of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor — uses video games to teach students about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. iCivics has more […]

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A mixed picture on nationwide civics exam

When it comes to how much our country’s students know about civics, the results are decidedly mixed. Scores from the National Assessment of Educational Progress 2010 civics test, released today, reveal that fourth-graders turned in a record performance. But there was no statistically significantly change for eighth-graders, and 12th-graders actually did worse this time than […]

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Walcott and Bloomberg push for school “choice”

Hechinger reporter Sarah Garland has another collaboration with Capital New York, this time looking at school choice in the city. The story opens with… Dennis Walcott, the new chancellor of the New York City public schools, said recently that he would push to open more single-sex schools in the city. He’s a “big believer” in […]

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