March 2011

The New York Times needs to do its homework

An editorial in today’s New York Times, titled “Fairness in Firing Teachers,” has me wondering whether the Times editorial writers understand much about how teachers — in New York City and elsewhere — are evaluated. The editorial makes some stunning statements that simply don’t comport with reality. First, there’s this: “Most reasonable people would agree […]

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Wisconsin Gov. Walker was pro-teachers union before he wasn’t

Only a few days before Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker started a war with organized labor, he was effusively praising the state’s teachers and their union, the Wisconsin Education Association Council. On Feb. 8th, WEAC proposed two big reforms that it had previously opposed: the creation of a statewide system for evaluating teachers that took into […]

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Could “micro-charters” be a way to fuel charter-school growth?

Charter schools are booming nationally. With 443 charters opening in 2009-10 alone, they grew 6.2 percent during that school year, according to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. But this growth isn’t enough, some say — while others are quick to remind us that not all of the new charters are of high quality. […]


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