November 2010

Are age and experience overrated when it comes to leadership?

Age and experience: How much do they matter when it comes to positions of power and authority? Fifty years ago today, the United States elected its youngest leader to date — John F. Kennedy was just 43 when he edged out Richard Nixon in the 1960 presidential election. The U.S. Constitution, of course, sets minimum-age […]


How a student’s college major shapes experience in classroom and beyond

Picking a major isn’t easy for many college students. For some, the decision is an important step toward realizing a lifelong dream; for others, it’s nothing but stress and uncertainty until the deadline to declare arrives, and then the tiniest of factors might tip the scales in favor of one concentration over others. We all […]

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Will Republicans reduce the federal ‘footprint’ in education?

Is it really a new day for education in the U.S.?  There is no dearth of opinions — or questions — about what could change now that Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday’s elections.  One conclusion is generally shared, though: Federal money will be scarce. The economy — and not […]


The election and education: What will change?

The short answer to that question might be, not much. The Obama administration has embraced education reforms that are also favored by many conservatives, most particularly charter schools and overhauling how teachers are evaluated and paid. So if Republicans sweep the House today and grab the Senate, too, the direction that education policy has been […]


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